Dakota Air Parts Intl. is the exclusive distributor of Delta Products and Development Corp. Helicopter Grips for the AH-1 Cobra, Bell 205, Bell 204, UH-1 Iroquois, Bell 214, and CH-46 helicopters. 

UH-1 Iroquois (Bell 204/205)

Bell P/N: 205-001-046-1
Delta P/N: C-0525-2
NSN: 1680-00-106-4546

AH-1 Cobra

Bell P/N: 214-001-346-1
Delta P/N: C-0525-6
NSN: 1680-01-024-9407

Bell 214

Bell P/N: 214-001-346-1
Delta P/N: C-0525-8
NSN: 1680-01-008-8123

CH-46 Sea Knight

Boeing P/N: 114ES273-6 (2114ES2733)
Guardian P/N: A218-960961-00
Delta P/N: C-0525-7
NSN: 1680-01-287-3437